Blogger’s Block

I wonder how many blogs there are with this title or similarly themed.  I have blogger ‘s block.  I’ve attempted four posts and none of them came to fruition.  I understand Wordless Wednesday now, however I have no pictures to share either.

I thought of putting a black mark over my blog to disguise the block as a protest against SOPA but then remembered the world would not notice the absence of my blog today and although I have a comment box (feel free to use it!) that under the proposed SOPA bill, povides a platform from which to violate the bill plus I once used a picture of Henry the Hoover without expresly asking him if this was ok, I think for now I’m tiny enough a pixel to sneak through the very big holes in the SOPA net.

So tonight you’ll have to read an old one instead.  Enjoy it anyway and here’s to the removal of blocks, black marks and hopefully not my blog.



Catherine-Jayne (50 Posts)

Yoga teacher; living real in a virtual world, with a love for adventure, running, swimming, yoga & it with love! Teaching yoga to young and old across South Yorkshire, with a particular love for teaching yoga to teens, kids, schools, mums, dads and famillies

4 thoughts on “Blogger’s Block

  1. Awww. I am sure you’ll be back on tip top blogging form real soon. I hope! Here’s some suggestions fro inspiration:
    Beating January blues
    I saw some daffodils peeking out today – early but welcome sight!
    Plans for the garden this spring?
    Wellies – essential or luxury item – discuss! (a certain 5 yr old girl we both know makes a bee-line for bright coloured wellies in shoe shop)
    Spring is around the corner – what’s going to put a spring in your step?
    Will the tent get another airing this year?

    Happy blogging :)

    • sadly i missed the northern lights, it was very cloudy but we did have the most stunning full arc double rainbow today glowing like I’ve never seen one glow – hope it wasn’t the radiation from the solar flare!
      As for Henry, I linked him to his manufacturers website and never said it was mine, does that count? I know not!

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